Anthropocentric exhibition

I was among three guest artists in Michael Bryant’s Anthropocentric exhibition, (on until October 2 2016 at Signal Point, Goolwa) and enjoyed selecting the following works to show.

The exhibition comprised all kinds of self portraits and in particular ‘selfies’ taken on mobile phones. Michael collected these images and made paintings from them. My contribution consisted of several studies from one or two mirrors and digitally  manipulated prints of these studies. Further paintings then developed from these studies.


Anthropocentric exhibition – paintings, drawings and digital prints

img_0686       img_0685



More about family…

After discovering the Italian Connection and her marriage to George, Trove newspapers tell me that great-granny Besta ran a “house of ill-repute” in Melbourne in 1880. I’m sure the sex-workers weren’t at all like the fictional characters I’ve created, but it was fun having an excuse to paint nudes.

Great-granny Besta's workers

Brothel – Oil on raw linen 75cm x 65cm


Brothel Sketch – oil on canvas board 20cm x 25cm

Water colour on Canson cold press paper

Brothel sketch – water colour on Canson paper 20cm x 25cm

Acrylic on water colour paper

Brothel sketch – acrylic on Canson paper 25cm x 23 cm

Just add water?

The Just add water exhibition, Drawing on Country will be shown at the South Coast Regional Art Gallery in December 2015.

While recently searching family history I came upon the Palazzo Besta in Teglio Italy. Besta is a maternal family name and my ancestor came from Teglio to Australia in the mid 1800’s. The Besta Palace is covered in frescoes, externally and internally, painted in the 1500’s. The building was originally a medieval castle and refurbished in 1433 by the Besta family. It fell into disrepute in the 1800’s and was restored in 1960’s. Many of the frescoes are intriguing but this external image has really attracted my attention, especially as I have been thinking about water  –

Image taken from Palazzo Besta in Teglio Italy. c1500 Where my maternal family name, Besta, comes from.

Image taken from Palazzo Besta in Teglio Italy. c1500

I overlaid this image with landscape drawings I have done of the Murray Mouth at Goolwa in the hope that a new project will emerge.

Another version of the image overlaid with landscape

Palazzo Besta image overlaid with landscape

Image from Palazzo Besta overlaid with landscape drawing

Another version

And another version of Besta image overlaid with landscape drawing

About face

After SeaChange I became more interested in facial likenesses and differences. This began with self portraits and a pastel drawing of Vermeer’s Girl with a pearl earring. I was unable to correctly copy the eyes in Vermeer’s painting and realised I was drawing my own eyes.

Through messing around on the iPad I’ve been able to digitally manipulate my images to compare and relate with others. Below are some of the early experimental results.

Vermeer and girl overlay

Vermeer and girl overlay

Two paintings

Two paintings



Girl in trees

Girl in trees

Installation at South Coast Regional Arts Centre in the 'Good things, small packages' exhibition June/July 2015

Installation at South Coast Regional Arts Centre in the ‘Good things, small packages’ exhibition June/July 2015


Gallery view 2

Another view at Signal Point

Two views of Signal Point Gallery 

SEA/CHANGE at Signal Point Gallery, Goolwa Wharf

There are 11 walls at Signal Point and each one offers a distinctive location on which to display work. I’ve enjoyed choosing which pieces go best together – like composing a symphony with different moods and sounds. I hope you enjoy the whole exhibition.


SALA Festival 2014

Sea/Change is my next exhibition of drawings and paintings with a foray into new media and includes artists’ workshops and talks.

Where: Signal Point Gallery, Goolwa Wharf.

When: Sat 26 July to Sun 31 August.

'Two fish' Oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm

‘Two fish’ Oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm